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Don’t forget school breaks when planning custody

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

If you are divorcing, making time to work will be crucial as you will each need to pay for your own home.

Balancing work and childcare can become complicated when the kids are off school. While teenagers may be able to make their own lunch and spend the day hanging out with friends, younger ones will place greater demands on your time and attention. So what can you do?

Ask your employer for flexibility

Many employers are struggling to find staff, and you might be able to use that to your advantage to gain extra flexibility to allow you to care for your child during the holidays. Perhaps you can work from home a few days a week. Maybe you can tailor your shifts to drop your child off and pick them up from summer activities each day.

Share the parenting load

Presumably, you and your co-parent each get some vacation time. If you take your child away for a week, it leaves your co-parent free to catch up on work and vice versa. Other family members may also be able to help by taking the children for a bit.

Think of this when making your parenting time agreement

The better thought out your parenting time agreement, the more chance it works. Forgetting that the kids have a couple of months off in the summer could cause friction between you and your ex. It could also make your child feel like they are inconveniencing you both.

Getting legal help to make an effective parenting agreement can help ensure you do not overlook anything.