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How do you approach visitation when you travel?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Child Custody And Visitation |

When you got divorced, considering how much you travel for work, your ex took over custody of your child. The divorce was fairly amicable, and you both agreed that it would be best for the child to have a more stable living situation. You still want to be involved, you just decided to visit when you were at home.

What you quickly realized was that seeing your child when you’re not traveling simply isn’t enough. You want to check in on them at other times. What sort of visitation options could you consider?

Virtual visitation

One solution that a lot of parents will use is virtual visitation. This can take many different forms, such as writing email messages or sending text messages. But a lot of parents will set up a time to do a video chat so that they feel like they’re having a more authentic experience and a real conversation.

If you’re on the road, it’s fairly easy to set aside a little bit of time to go on the computer or the phone to touch base with the child. This can be good for the child’s development and the development of your relationship.

Traveling isn’t the only reason that people use virtual visitation. In some cases, it’s the only thing offered by the court. But it is often supplementary and used in this fashion just to allow parents to utilize technology to grow closer to their kids.

If you’re involved in a complicated child custody situation, you can see why it’s so important to explore all of your options. Be sure you think through them thoroughly when setting up your parenting plan.