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3 parties to talk to when changing your child’s surname

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Name Changes |

Changing a child’s last name is becoming common, especially among single parents. At times, it can be hard to pick up your child from school or even prove your relationship when traveling. 

While it can be annoying to go through this, the institutions that pose such obstacles may have the best interest. For instance, with school pickups, they may need you to provide documentation to ensure your child is safe. Thus, it may help to change your child’s last name.

Here are three parties that you need to talk to about the change:

1. Your child

It will help to inform your child about your decision. Going through the process and telling them of their new name unexpectedly can be confusing. You should talk to them about the obstacles you have been facing and the solution you want to employ. This way, they can be prepared to embrace the new name.

2. Their other parent

You may need to inform the other parent of your move, as the court may require a written agreement from them. However, if you can’t contact or locate them, you may need to present a solid case to the court on how changing the child’s last name will benefit them. If the court considers certain factors and determines it’s in the child’s best interest, they may change the name without input from the other parent.

3. Their school

Once your child’s name is changed, you should contact your child’s school to let them know. You will also need to provide the necessary documentation so that the child’s record can be officially corrected. This may ease a lot of difficulties for both you and your child in the future.

The parties discussed above play an important role when you want to change your child’s last name. You should obtain more information to approach the process from the right angle.