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Most parents want their children to not only get an education, but to get the best education they can. Sometimes the child is having difficulty in school, and the parent cannot figure out why. Even if the problem is identified, occasionally the school does not (in the parent’s mind) do enough to address and fix the problem. Read through the scenarios below to see if you recognize your child and/or their problem.

My child never completes his classwork and, between it and homework, we spend three hours every night trying to get it done – and he is crying the entire time. He is only in second grade!

It is possible that your child has either a learning disability or an attention deficit problem. These are issues that can cause your child to fall behind because they either do not understand what is being taught to them or they cannot concentrate on the lesson long enough to learn it.

My child is constantly on “yellow” for misbehavior. I have tried working with her teachers to come up with a plan. They have talked about something called “response to intervention” (RTI), but so far I do not see it doing much good.

Response to intervention is a non-standardized method of dealing with children who have behavioral or educational issues in the classroom. Sometimes it is a simple as moving a child to a seat away from her friends so that she is not talking to them during class. Other times it involves a tracking and reward system for the child. There are many different ways that it can be implemented.

The problem with RTI is two-fold. There is not a standard psychoeducational evaluation performed on the child prior to implementing RTI, so the methods that are chosen could be completely inappropriate for the situation. The other problem is that there is no written plan with measurable goals for the student to reach. If there is no plan, then the different teachers that work with your child have no guidance as to what interventions they should be utilizing.

My child keeps getting poor grades. She seems very smart to me, but she will make silly mistakes on her classwork and tests. The teacher says she’s fine, but I disagree.

One thing that might be the cause is a specific learning disability. Or maybe your child learns better through one method, say auditory, than she does with another, like visual. It is also possible that the reason that she is making silly mistakes is because she is actually gifted and is not being challenged by her work, so she just rushes through it without giving it much thought.

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Let me be clear – I am an attorney, NOT a teacher or psychologist. However, I have been through these and many more issues with my own family and others. If you have a child in elementary school and you are not happy with the response you are getting to the questions you have about your child, call our Fort Lauderdale Education Law Office to arrange for a free phone consultation.

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