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Unbundled Services

Pamela Fero Law, PLLC offers unbundled services to make legal help in family law matters financially affordable to everyone. 


If you try to negotiate any kind of marital settlement agreement without any legal advice whatsoever, you may find yourself in an unfavorable situation. This could be an agreement that is unenforceable, an agreement that contains egregious terms, or at mediation where there is a clear power imbalance between you and your spouse.  It is likely that you may be uncertain about what is going to happen or how to handle the negotiation. These types of problems may cost more money to “fix” down the road, and will certainly cause you unnecessary stress. While it may be more affordable to handle a proceeding on your own rather than retain full-blown legal representation, you can have access to legal advice and/or limited legal services without paying huge retainer fees. By offering unbundled services to a client, I can assist with settling your case with more confidence. This will make you more comfortable having a complete and thorough understanding of what you are agreeing to and what the consequences will be of any agreement that you enter into.


How Does Unbundling Work?


By offering unbundled services to my clients, these are some of the ways I can assist you with your case:


1.   Make sure that your position is reasonable, and help you to advance your position


2.  Consult with you during your pending case to review and evaluate your analysis of your own case,  as well as reviewing your spouse's position and analyzing how their position affects what you want


3.   Plan and strategize with you on how to best move your case forward and help you develop a negotiation strategy


4.   Represent you at mediations or settlement conferences


5.   Review your marital settlement agreement or mediated settlement agreement


6.   Help you prepare your discovery documents including a financial affidavit and mandatory disclosures


7.  Work with you to produce child support guidelines, calculate a fair and reasonable amount of alimony, and develop your position regarding a fair and equitable distribution of property


8.   Provide coaching to you so that you feel more confident about how to handle yourself in court

9.   Make court appearances on your behalf



The foregoing are just some examples of how I can help you with unbundled services.  Every case is unique.  I have helped clients in a variety of different and interesting ways to negotiate settlements of their cases tailored to meet their needs and that their spouse would agree to. Unbundled services are becoming more popular, sought out by individuals who want only limited assistance. Often, working with me in this way has helped clients facilitate a case moving forward, effectively leading to settlement agreement that everyone is happy with.


Unbundled services are a Limited Scope of Representation. Services would be paid for based strictly on the specific services provided and nothing more. A retainer agreement would specifically outline the agreement of the limited services to be provided with the understanding that the only services provided are those set forth in the contract.


In the event that at some point your needs as the client change and we decide that full representation would be in your best interest, we would renegotiate a full-service contract. 


The obvious benefit to the client of unbundled services is that the client is at all times in charge of their case, with access to a qualified family law attorney for advice, strategizing, preparation of documents or other tasks that require my specific areas of expertise.


If you are contemplating a divorce or post-divorce proceeding and think that unbundled services may be a fit for your family law case, please contact me so we can discuss the specifics of your case.  In this way, you can make an informed decision of what is best for you.