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Fort Lauderdale Adoption Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Adoption Lawyer Sensitively Guiding Families

When you face problems involving your children or your family, you may feel anxiety and uncertainty about what you can do to protect your interests and the future of your loved ones. In some situations, people try to get through their difficulties on their own, only to find that consulting an attorney would have saved them time, money, and stress in the long term. When so much is at stake, you should not take the chance of going it alone. Representing people in the Fort Lauderdale area and beyond, adoption attorney Pamela Fero has gone through the experience of adopting children and fostering a child. This gives her insight into the distinctive needs of children and parents in these situations. She will provide you with personal attention during an adoption or an uncontested divorce. Attorney Fero also can guide you through the estate planning process, matters involving intellectual property, or legal issues related to your child’s education.


Adoptions establish a legal parent-child relationship between a person being adopted and adoptive parents. The legal relationship between a child and an adoptive parent is the same as the biological parent-child relationship, and the adoptive parent will have all of the rights and obligations of a biological parent. Adoptions may be made through an agent, by a stepparent, by a close relative, or as an adult adoption. A court presiding over any of these types of adoptions needs proof that there are facts to terminate the biological parent's relationship with the child, and the biological parent must surrender their rights and sign a consent form for adoption. However, there is an exception for adult adoptions, which do not require consent from the biological or legal parents, although they must be provided notice. Adoption consent forms need to be signed according to specific requirements. As a Fort Lauderdale adoption lawyer, Pamela Fero can make sure that each of these requirements is carefully met.

Uncontested Divorce

Some couples are good candidates for uncontested divorces, which are divorces involving simplified procedures. Spouses who are willing to cooperate with each other can get an uncontested or collaborative divorce. You can get a simplified divorce if your spouse and you do not have kids under the age of 18, your wife is not pregnant, your spouse or you have lived in Florida for at least six months, you agree about how to divide property and debts, neither spouse is trying to get alimony, and both spouses agree that the marriage is broken and want a simplified divorce. In a regular divorce, you would need to turn over your financial information to your spouse. By contrast, in a simplified divorce, you can waive the requirement of filing a financial affidavit. You will need to appear at a short hearing before a judge and present a marital settlement agreement.

Trademark and Copyright Issues

Pamela Fero also can handle trademark and copyright matters. For many entrepreneurs and businesses, intellectual property is an important source of their worth. A strong trademark can be an effective way for a company to brand itself so that consumers can distinguish between the company's products and other similar products. You can register a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or in Florida. While not registering a trademark does not necessarily prevent trademark protection, it can be beneficial before and during litigation to have your mark registered. Federal trademark law preempts state trademark law, so it may be wiser to register with the USPTO so that you have nationwide rights. Copyright law prohibits the unauthorized copying of works of authorship. The ideas can be copied, however. While you can register a copyright in the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress, you do not need to register a newly created work of authorship for it to be protected by copyright law.

Wills and Trusts

In Florida, if you are of sound mind and 18 or older (or an emancipated minor), you can draft a will or trust, or both. A will is an instrument that provides for how you want your property to be distributed when you pass away. There are a number of requirements that need to be met in order for your will to be valid. It needs to be in writing, signed, and witnessed by two witnesses. In Florida, people who have an interest in the will still can be witnesses, but it is wise to have people who are not interested serve as witnesses. There are many different types of trusts that may be appropriate. For example, there are self-settled living trusts that are often used for estate planning. However, a revocable living trust does not have asset protection, and a creditor can try to recover a debt from the maximum amount that could be distributed back to the settlor of the trust.

Education Law

Education law covers many different issues, including obtaining accommodations for students. Sometimes bullying issues also arise. In other cases, legal matters arise because of a student's expulsion from school. We can handle a wide range of education law issues, including Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), bullying and harassment by either students or teachers, and school discipline issues. In Florida, children in public schools with special learning needs are known as exceptional students, and the additional assistance that they may need in school is known as exceptional student education. Available services could include special transportation, support, special teaching methods, special materials or technology devices, and therapies. A team should be put in place to create interventions so that a child's educational needs can be met. The team is supposed to monitor the child's progress and change the nature or intensity of interventions based on the student's progress.

Consult a Knowledgeable Adoption Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale or Surrounding Areas

People often try to handle family law matters or other important legal issues on their own, but this may cause them to miss out on benefits, fail to get an award that they should have received, or undergo a delay caused by a need to re-file paperwork. Pamela Fero is ready to take the stress out of the process for you and protect your right to everything to which you are entitled under the law. She represents people in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Davie, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Plantation, Sunrise, Tamarac, and Weston, as well as in South Palm Beach and North Miami-Dade Counties. For an appointment with a Fort Lauderdale adoption attorney or advice on a matter related to estate planning, divorce, intellectual property, or education, call us at (954) 947-0572 or contact us online.

Client Review
I needed some advice on a pending lawsuit and Pamela was extremely responsive. She returns your calls promptly and responds to emails in the same fashion. With Pamela by your side you truly feel like someone is passionately fighting for you. Marilyn M.
Mrs. Fero was very helpful and expeditious in tending to some legal matters that I needed to have handled. It is apparent that she cares about the quality of her work, and explaining the legal jargon in an easily understood manner. It is nice having a lawyer represent me who cares about getting the job done thoroughly and correctly. Keith M.
Ms. Fero is a consummate, caring professional that will always have your best interest in mind. From day one she is working on your behalf. Evan M.
Family law takes more than knowledge, it requires compassion and understanding of the pressures a family might be facing. Pamela Fero is that kind of lawyer. She knows your time is valuable and you need to focus on things other than navigating paperwork. She understands her clients needs so that she can save them time and money, but never forgets that her clients are people. She adapts to meet your needs and doesn't try and sell a one size fits all package of services. She is trustworthy, kind and skilled and I have already recommended her to my friends and family. Dr. Ruth Stilwell
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