Advocacy for your family’s bright future.

Fatherhood Is More Than DNA

A paternity action can be a highly sensitive matter. Often paternity suits help mothers pursue child support from a reluctant former partner. But just as often, a paternity suit is the only way that a caring father can build a relationship with his child. Both sides deserve a compassionate attorney.

At my firm, Pamela Fero Law, PLLC, I represent people in paternity issues. I aim to find a resolution that brings the most support and love to the children involved. As a lawyer, I provide compassion and zealous advocacy to clients struggling with Florida’s family law system.

Representation For Fathers

Many people, and a lot of media, look at fathers as a bit of an afterthought. They are nice to have around, but mom does the actual work. That is an outdated view of family roles; a dedicated father has a lot to give and can make an immense impact. Unfortunately, family law is often – despite the law – gently tilted toward mothers when it comes to children.

A father who wants to work in earnest with the mother of his child to be an active, positive force for his child deserves that chance. These are monumentally sensitive matters, among the most complicated in family law, because of the possible complications. I approach these matters with care and help my clients build a plan to have a relationship with the children they fathered.

Caring. Compassionate. Thoughtful.

I work with fathers and mothers across Fort Lauderdale and South Florida in paternity-related matters. I listen to their stories and get to know what matters to them. I explain the law and the necessary steps required in the paternity process.

I want you to be there for your kids. I will work hard to give you that opportunity. Call my office at 954-228-6361 or send me an email to get in touch. I offer new clients free consultations on their family law questions.