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Stepping Up As A Stepparent

Traditionally, a stepparent has been seen as a “secondary” parent with little responsibility. That’s not the truth of it. Stepparents throughout history have developed close, caring relationships with their spouse’s children and often choose to adopt. They deserve to speak with a lawyer who can tell them precisely what is ahead.

As an attorney dedicated to family law, I often help stepparents from Fort Lauderdale and around South Florida complete the process of becoming legal parents to the children in their life. At my firm, Pamela Fero Law, PLLC, nothing is more important than helping families become more secure and happier. If you want to adopt your stepchild, I can walk you through the process and represent you.

What Does Florida Require Of Stepparent Adoption

When you pursue a stepparent adoption in Florida, you are undertaking a complex legal process. Florida requires you to file the appropriate paperwork with the proper court. I can walk you through this part of the process, which is mainly administrative.

The more challenging part for you is attaining either the consent of the other parent or having their parental rights terminated. Consent or termination are options that you may not know how to approach properly. I can provide you with the support you need to move forward.

I Help Families. I Help People.

Stepparent adoption is a subset of “family adoptions” where a family member takes on the legal rights of the parent of a child. This is typical in Florida, where often an uncle, an older sibling, a cousin or grandparent may be the primary caregiver for a child. No two family dynamics are at all the same. But they do deserve the same level of care from their attorney.

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